Designer Fashion Accessories – Summer Style Tips

Summer’s here, and naturally, you have to be equipped with the right designer fashion accessories to feel cool and look hot. We’re talking short shorts, wide-brimmed hats, wayfarers, big bags, sexy sandals, and all that good stuff. Summer’s all about colorful, lightweight fabrics, and with some careful planning, you don’t have to break your bank over designer fashion accessories for your summer wardrobe. By stocking up on those essential summer basics, and getting in on one or two fashion trends but otherwise keeping it simple, you’ll look steamy and sexy when it’s hot outside.

1. Stock Up On Your Basics – We can’t emphasize the important of having plenty of basic tops and bottoms for summer enough, and you can dress them up with designer fashion accessories. Remember, fall is the time to really make a statement with big, bold looks. Stock your wardrobe with shorts in a variety of fabrics (heavy cotton, light and dark denims, linen, khaki), solid-colored tank tops including a couple of black ones, and tee shirts with cool prints. These will serve you well for trips to the beach, lazy brunches, evening BBQs, and everything in between.

2. Get Your Shoes Right – Whereas in the winter it’s all about boots, heavy leather heels, and other (often expensive) designer shoes for women, summer footwear’s a more relaxed and affordable affair. Make sure you stock up on flip flops in various colors, lightweight canvas sneakers, wedge sandals, and barely-there sandals for when you want to look a little dressed up in your cute evening dress.

3. Follow Trends Selectively – When you walk into any store at the start of summer, you’re bombarded with all manner of cute dresses, skirts, belts and hats. If you try to create your summer wardrobe out of them, tempting as it may be, you’ll soon run out of money. Sporting the latest trends all the time is just unsustainable. So, keep it simple, don’t knock yourself out buying every pretty, frilly dress, and get in on just one or two key designer fashion accessories and trends.

4. Cover Up – Believe it or not, summer fashion is not all about sporting your skimpiest designer fashion accessories. Showing too much skin can make you look unbalanced and undefined, and it can also be impractical given the cool breezes that crop up when you least expect it. Make sure you have a few lighter-than-lightweight cardigans to slip on over your dress, and silk scarves to wrap around your shoulders.

5. Stay Cool – Let’s face it, a sweat mustache or a sunburn is never a good look, no matter how sexy your spaghetti strap dress may be. Whenever you go out, make sure your big Ed hardy bags are nicely stocked with SPF sunscreen and lip balm, moist towelettes, body spray, a comb, and extra hair ties and bobby pins to keep your hair up and off your face. When you look cool, your designer fashion accessories will look hot.

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